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Denver SEO Can Build a Mobile-Ready Website

Mobile websites must deliver information to potential customers in a slightly different way than that of standard websites. Mobile users interact with sites differently, and to have the right impact, site owners should know their options. Websites can be dynamic serving, responsive or HTML. In this article, readers will learn five benefits of mobile optimized websites from an SEO Expert. Visit Website.

Better User Experience

It's quite common to receive links via email or text message, only to open the link and see a jumbled, unorganized mess. A disorganized website drives customers away if they can't read and browse content easily. According to various reports, over 60% of mobile device users have run into issues that caused them to leave the page.

More Time on the Site

In Denver SEO, time is critical. Site owners have a very limited window within which they can grab a site visitor's attention, and this is especially true with mobile devices. If visitors are able to navigate quickly and the content is written in a mobile-friendly way, there's more of a chance of turning a visitor into a customer.

Quicker Load Times

As mentioned in the paragraph above, time is important. Normal websites that are not mobile-optimized will render slowly or not at all, while a mobile-ready site will load quickly because code is structured to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. According to several studies, mobile site viewers will abandon a site if they have to wait more than 10 seconds for it to load.

Better Mobile SEO

Where SEO is concerned, Google is king. The search engine recommends that sites be built as responsive, but that isn't always an option. In these cases, it is best for the business to make a separate HTML site for mobile users. Doing so with the help of an SEO Consultant like Chris Walker will increase the chances of a good ranking on Google's mobile search platform.

As shown here, mobile sites are essential if the business is looking to gain more customers and increase profits. Staying competitive and up-to-date with a mobile-ready website from a local SEO Firm can allow a company to meet both of those goals.